Welcome to SLV&Co, a consultancy aimed at helping you make sense of mobile in Africa




Our goal is simple: help you grow your business by increasing your revenue

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Our 3 Pillars of Excellence

Business Focused

Our goals are purposefully simple: everything we do needs to either grow your profit or lower your expenses


With Africa being a “mobile-only” continent we believe that in order to reach the mass market, mobile is the way

Customer Growth

We are here to help you make the most important individual in your business happy: the client

Our Clients


Our Services

WeChat Account Dev

SLV&Co helps companies unlock the massive audience base in the WeChat platform. As one of the biggest mobile apps in the world the WeChat platform has the ability to grow your audience rapidly


Strategic Consulting

For brands looking to understand what the WeChat platform offers as well as how to position theirbrand we provide strategic consulting to help explain the WeChat opportunity.

Business Development

Startups in the WeChat ecosystem need help to grow their sales pipeline while they focus on product development. We help build and grow businesses on the WeChat platform.

Campaign Alignment

Often we find that marketing is about awareness not selling a product. We ensure that any campaign activity on WeChat helps to achieve business growth beyond brand knowledge.

Telco Training

With experience in digital marketing and the telecoms industry. For more information download our brochure

Corporate Implementations

WeChat is incredibly useful beyond the consumer aspect of the platform. We help corporates unlock the ability to communicate more effective with staff and clients via the WeChat platform.

The Team

Saul Kropman

Saul Kropman

Saul has a background in Product Management, Digital Marketing and Publishing giving a perfect understanding to the multiple facets of WeChat. Saul’s passion is helping people communicate better as well as how storytelling influences business direction and purchases.

Sarah - Leigh Visser

Sarah - Leigh Visser

Sarah is a telecoms veteran with over 15 years in the mobile industry. She has worked with MTN at both dealer and head office level as well as pioneering the implementation of the crucial point of sales system for the company. Sarah is the queen of execution with a simple approach: ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget.

Press Office

M4Jam Launch Event

This was an event filled with a lot of excitement and South African Culture. Dancers, jugglers and fire throwers where all present. The teacher ran around teaching everyone how to make money on the M4Jam OA. Definitely a launch to... read more

Contact Us

Sarah – Leigh Visser
Managing Director

E-mail: sarah@slvc.co.za
Cell: +2783 212 8214
Website: www.slvc.co.za
WeChat: sezleigh1
Twitter: @SezLeigh
Skype: sarah.leigh.visser